• Primal Flow Authentic Men’s Leather Wrist Cuffs

    These epic Primal Flow Men's Leather Cuffs are hand made in Texas by our local leatherworks artisan. They are such an amazing addition to our expanding product collection!

    Sizing ranges from 7" to 8.5" (see sizing for each product below).


    Sizes for Each Cuff

    Red Warrior Cuff: 7"
    Two Tone Warrior Cuff: 7"

    Leather Cuff: fits 8"

    Criss Cross Design Cuff: fits 7.5" and 8.5
    Cross Cuff Black Herringbone Design: fits 8"

    Red Cuff: fits 7" and 8"

    Big Silver Cross Cuff: fits 8"

    White Cuff: fits 7" and 8"