Primal Flow Ultimate Kali Package

The Primal Flow Kali Package includes:


  • Primal Flow Mace and Kali Foundations Book (hard copy)
  • Primal Flow Kali Sticks in Dark Ebony
  • Primal Flow Kali Sticks in Osage Orange (limited stock)


You save 10% when purchased as a package. Kali sticks ready to ship 3-5 days. Book ships on July 1st.

  • Care Instructions

    Please keep all custom wood products out of extreme heat, sunlight, or extreme cold. Dust lightly with a soft cloth. Do no submerge in water. Use on carpeted/grassy area or turf. To prevent cracks from accidental dropping of product, do not use on concrete, tile, or orther hard surfaces.

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$115.20Sale Price